How to Submit A Software to ArykTECH and Get its CRACK Version

Basically, ArykTECH provides cracked versions of phones service tools but if you have any software that is needed either for persional use or for your business and the cost of that program is somewhat heavy for you to afford, you may submit the software to ArykTECH and hope to receive its cracked version download link in your email in few days from the day it was submitted.

A compulsory donation of 10 USD must be made via PayPal here, Payza or Bitcoin. For Payza and Bitcoin details, please, Contact Us here
You have seen and agreed to the T&C laid out here.
Your original uploaded file will be kept within ArykTECH for future references.

Now, adhere to the procedures laid out below here to upload your software. You must adhere strictly to the procedures else, your cracked version may be delayed or not delivered at all.

Step By Step Guides to Upload your Software

1. Using Notepad++ or any other text editor, create a text file. In the text file, contain the details as maybe seen in the picture below.
upload software detail

2. Download the setup of the software program you want cracked for you. If you have downloaded the software or already have a copy of it on your PC, skip this step and proceed to the next step.

3. Create a new folder on your PC and rename this folder to match with the software you want us crack for you.
Create folder for your crack software

4. Move both the software and the text file you created (in the step one above) into the same folder.
contain text file and software in the same folder

5. Compress/ZIP this folder using WinRAR or WinZIP. Make sure that both the software and the text file are contained within the ZIP file. Both .zip and .rar file formats are accepted.
zip both software and text file

6. Go to our Upload page here and upload the ZIP file.

7. Once your file is received, a notification email will immediately be sent to the email address contained in your attached text file.

If you have any questions, please, Contact Us here.