A B C PSR Suit, Reviewed and Renewed A B C Package

2016 was a beautiful year at ArykTECH, especially on ArykTECH A B C Package developments and its sales. 2017 is here and we hope to make even more progress than ever so that we may write more beautiful stories in the coming years.

This year, A B C Package is a lot more than just a package, it's a SUIT which is why it is now called A B C Phone Software Repairs Suit.

A B C Package PSR Suit Preview

The New A B C PSR Suit Inside-out

A B C Lab Dev Area File Request Request New Tools
PDF Tutorials Straight to the Point Archived Tutorial Structure
Service Tools Latest SPT Box, Latest Octoplus and more

A B C Lab

A B C Lab is a special feature introduced to the A B C PSR Suit. This feature is loaded with tones of goodies and that; I am sure you will definitely love because it helps you take phone software repairs to the next level.

Sections of A B C Lab

    1. A B C Lab Dev Area

    At the Dev Area, you can upload files for developments or download already developed files.


    Let supposed you have a bricked Lenovo ZUK Z1 whose variant unbricking files is not common but you need it. You can submit your request at the Dev Area and have it ready for you.

    2. File Request

    Looking for a specific recovery, ROM, app, kernel or any other files, file your request and pronto! It'll be uploaded for you.

    3. Request New Tools

    Already, A B C Package Folders are already loaded with enough service tools for various phone brands. If there is any service tools you need but not found in the A B C Folders, you can request for it at the A B C Lab.

PDF Tutorials

The tutorials are of the reasons why A B C PSR Suit is a better teacher. The tutorials are now much improved with better illustrations.

All the tutorials in the A B C PSR Suit are being re-edited so that each tutorial goes straight to the point.

Archived Tutorial Structure

A B C PSR Suit FRP Lock Tutorial Page

For enhanced readership, all the tutorials in the A B C PSR Suit are now being archived. This is to make sure that you find the solutions (within the tutorials) easily.

    E.g All FRP (Factory Reset Protection) Solutions across all android devices are now compiled in the same (PDF) file.

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