Adcom 721C Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File)

Adcom 721C Stock ROM Firmware Flash File

Here is a Adcom 721C stock ROM firmware (flash file) that you can download and use to flash or load stock firmware on your 721C device.
Though this Adcom 721C Stock ROM (flash file) has been checked and confirmed to work for Adcom 721C, due to device variations, we cannot guaranty that it will work for yours.
Depending on your current OS version, this Adcom 721C stock firmware, when flashed on your device, will either upgrade, downgrade or unbrick your Adcom 721C.
And in either case, you will most likely loose all your important files on the device, therefore, you need to backup all the important files on your device.

Adcom 721C Stock ROM Firmware Download Link(s)

1. Adcom 721C Stock ROM

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How to Flash or Upgrade Adcom 721C Firmware

1. Download your Adcom 721C Stock ROM firmware from the link(s) above.

2. Download and install Windows device drivers for your Adcom 721C. See here: All Android Devices ADB and Fastboot Drivers

3. Extract your Adcom 721C firmware on your PC.

4. Now, choose either of the tools listed below here.
Either of the tools can download and flash stock ROM firmware on your Adcom 721C. I recommend that you choose the one that is most suitable to upgrade or flash your Adcom 721C.


1. Each of the tools listed above contained step by step guides with illustrated pictures on how to flash stock firmware on your Adcom 721C.

2. If you require any further assistance, simply drop your comment detailing the issue(s) and I shall help you revive your Adcom 721C , if need be.

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