Download and Flash Custom TWRP Recovery for LG V10

This TWRP recovery is an unofficial custom TWRP recovery for LG V10. Like other custom recovery, this TWRP recovery can be flashed on LG V10 via adb commands after which, from the recovery; you can flash custom mods like root scripts and other mods on your LG V10.


1. This process requires that your LG V10 bootloader be UNLOCKED. If your LG V10 bootloader is not unlocked yet, you may do so following the step by step guides highlighted below meanwhile, you should be aware that the process to unlock your bootloader will WIPE your phone's data.
2. This recovery.img is specific for LG V10 H901 TMobile version.

LG V10 TWRP Recovery.img Download links

Recovery version Download Link(s)
v3.0.0 Download Link
v2.8.7.1 Download Link
v2.8.7.0 Download Link

How to Flash this TWRP Recovery On your LG V10

Instructions for LG V10 with Unlocked Bootloader
1. Install LG Android Drivers, LG Suite, ADB and Fastboot Drivers and then setup ADB Files on your PC.
2. Enable Developer Mode and then, USB Debugging on your LG V10.
3. Launch Command Prompt (Windows PC) or Terminal (Mac) and then, connect your LG V10 to your PC, wait while the PC installs the drivers and then follow the steps below;
On Command Prompt or Terminal type:

[adb reboot bootloader]
- this will reboot your LG V10 into bootloader mode.
[fastboot flash recovery twrp-]
- this will flash the twrp recovery version you have chosen. NOTE: Replace twrp- with the version say twrp-3.0.0-h901.img that you have chosen.
[fastboot boot twrp-]
- this will boot the twrp recovery you just flashed. This is done to ensure that the LG V10 stock recovery does not overwrite the twrp recovery that was just flashed while your LG V10 boots for the first time following the operation. 4. Now, disconnect your LG V10 from the PC and reboot.

Instructions for LG V10 with Locked Bootloader
NOTE: You must have done all the steps from step 1 to 3 above then, proceed below.
4. From your LG V10, go to Settings >> Developer Option and "Enable OEM unlock".
5. On Command Prompt (Windows PC) or Terminal (Mac), type;

[adb reboot bootloader]
- this will boot your LG V10 to bootloader mode.
[fastboot oem unlock]
- this will attempt to unlock your LG V10 bootloader. Note that all content of your LG V10 will be wiped out.
[fastboot reboot-bootloader]
- this will reboot your device to bootloader following the bootloader unlock operation.
[fastboot flash recovery twrp-]
- this will flash the selected recovery image.
[fastboot boot twrp-]
- this will boot the selected TWRP recovery which has just been flashed on your LG V10.

How to Boot LG V10 to Bootloader without ADB

Just in case you don't fancy using ADB as such and want to boot your LG V10 to bootloader, you can do so using the key combo as explained below.

    1. Turn your LG V10 off.
    2. Hold Volume Down Button.
    3. Plug USB Cable to your device and connect the other end of the USB to your PC.
    4. Now, hold Volume Down until fastboot screen shows up on your LG V10

For the known issues and change log visit: LG V10 TWRP Recovery

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