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Infinix Zero X506 Stock Firmware Download - All Variants

This is official Infinix Zero X506 Stock Firmware (Flash File) for your Zero X506 device. Guides for flashing this Zero X506 Firmware are detailed below.

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What is Flashing?

This is the process of loading stock firmware, stock ROM or flash files on your device; Infinix Zero X506, either via the recovery or by means of a computer software / tool such that the firmware files being loaded erases and or replaces the existing files on the phone.

In most cases, flashing resets and restores the phone to its factory default settings and wipes out every existing files and or data on the device.

What is Infinix Zero X506 Stock Firmware?

Stock Firmware which is also refered to as Stock ROM, Firmware Files or Flash Files, are the officially released files containing all the partitions of the phone. Stock firmware contains files and code needed to boot the device up and run its designed system on it.
Stock firmware also contains the GUI (graphical user interface), required and useful applications, support files for those applications along with all other files required to run the OS on the device.

Infinix Zero X506 Stock Firmware Download

1. Infinix Zero X506 Flash Files Download (J608) - 16GB ROM

2. Infinix Zero X506 Flash Files Download (J608-L-20151019)

3. Infinix Zero X506 Flash Files Download - 8GB ROM

4. Infinix Zero X506 Flash Files Download - 16GB ROM

5. Infinix Zero X506 Flash Files Download (J609)

For Infinix Zero X506 Stock Firmware and all other Infinix Stock ROM see here: All Infinix Stock ROM Firmware List Here

When Can You Flash Infinix Zero X506?

There are a number of reasons for which you may need to flash Infinix Zero X506. Below here, I enlist a few reasons why you might need to.

1. When there is need for you to upgrade or downgrade the device.

2. If you have forgotten the password or passcode to unlock the device.

3. If the device does not boot pass the welcome screen.

4. When the device is stuck at boot screen.

5. If the device reboots incessantly.

6. White screen displays that is not connected to the device's screen (hardware) issues can be corrected by flashing.


Flashing can correct virtually all MTK Android devices malfunctions or software related defects therefore; if you notice any malfunctions other than the ones listed above in the device, you may attempt flashing.

How to Flash Stock Firmware On Infinix Zero X506

1. Download your Infinix Zero X506 Stock ROM firmware from above

2. Download USB VCOM drivers from here. See the instructions on the page for how to install the drivers on your PC.

3. Extract your Infinix Zero X506 firmware onto a folder on your PC.

4. Now, choose either of the service tools listed below here.

5. Follow the illustrated instructions on the page to flash the stock firmware on your Infinix Zero X506.

Supported Service Tools

The service tools listed below can be used to flash stock firmware on Infinix Zero X506. It's verified that most of them support this Infinix Zero X506 flash file, stock ROM format:

1.SP Flash Tools

2.NCK AndroidMTK

3.Piranha Box

4.Miracle Box

Also see this for: Qualcomm Devices or SPD Android Devices

Infinix Zero X506 Stock ROM Firmware Flash File


  1. my x506 j609 phone does not charge "while at time it charge...."
    Everytime I format the phone it work perfectly but at time goes on, after few installation of app it will become very difficult to charge....i just wish this will work for me.

    1. It will work for you but you should observe the apps that are installed lastly before re-occurence of the charging issue.


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