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Oppo N3 Stock ROM Firmware Download

Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash File

Oppo N3 Stock firmware which I have attached here is Oppo N3 stock ROM firmware which can be used to flash stock firmware on Oppo N3 using any compatible flash tool. To use this Oppo N3 flash file, you need to use a service tool that can flash stock ROM of this stock firmware file format.

In the paragraphs that follow below here, you will be able to download your Oppo N3 stock ROM then step by step guides on how to flash the Oppo N3 stock firmware on your Oppo N3 device using the Oppo N3 flash file you have just downloaded shall follow.

1. I will only give detailed tutorial using one of the many tools that can flash Oppo N3 stock firmware on your Oppo N3, then reference other MTK service tools that can flash the same Oppo N3 stock ROM format.
2. Before you attempt to use this Oppo N3 flash file, ensure that the Oppo N3 stock firmware is exactly for your Oppo N3 hence, the slightest difference may cause serious damage.
3. While comparing the stock firmware, your Oppo N3 installed android OS version doesn't really matter.
4. Proceed to following the step by step guide on how to flash stock firmware on your Oppo N3 device with caution.
5. Lastly, pay attention to every detail.

Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Download Link

Oppo N3 Stock ROM Flash File Download Link -OTA

For Oppo N3 Stock Firmware and all other Oppo Stock ROM see here: All Oppo Stock ROM Firmware List Here

How to Flash Stock Firmware On Oppo N3 Using SP Flash Tool

1. Download SP Flash Tools on your PC. You can download SP Flash Tools from here.
2. Extract the Oppo N3 stock ROM you downloaded in a folder on your PC.
3. Download MTK Android VCOM USB Drivers and install it on your PC. You can download MTK USB VCOM Drivers from here. NOTE: You may skip this step if you have installed MTK USB Drivers already.
4. Extract SP Flash Tools which you have downloaded in the step 1 above on a folder on your PC.
5. In the SP Flash Tool folder (from step 3 above), locate Flash Tool.exe and double-click to open it. You may also right-click and launch it as Admin.

Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash Guide -Step 5

6. When SP Flash Tools UI shows up, click Scatter Loading. A window will pop up. Navigate to the folder where you have extracted your Oppo N3 stock ROM and select MTKXXXX-Android-Scatter... where xxxx refers to your Oppo N3 MTK version.
Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash Guide -Step 6

Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash Guide -Step 6-B

7. By now, SP Flash Tool should load and list all the partitions in the firmware folder. Mark everything partition except Preloader, UserData and Cache.
Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash Guide -Step 7

8. Now, click Download on SP Flash Tool.
Oppo N3 Stock Firmware Flash Guide -Step 8

9. Turn off your Oppo N3 or (remove battery from and re-insert it) again. Connect your Oppo N3 to the PC and briefly tap the Power button.
10. Once the device is connected, Windows will install the drivers necessary for the flashing operation and then, the flashing operation will commence.
11. When the flashing operation completes, SP Flash Tool will display a green PASS circle. Only then you may disconnect your phone from the PC.

If you encounter any errors while flashing your Oppo N3 using SP Flash Tool, refer to this List of All SP Flash Error Codes and Solutions here.

Other Tools that Can Flash Oppo N3 Stock Firmware

1. NCK Box Tutorial
2. Piranha Box Tutorial
3. Miracle Box Tutorial
4. QPST QFIL Tools - **for Oppo Qualcomm chipsets

Video Tutorial: How to Flash All MTK Android Devices Including Oppo N3

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