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Download RSDLite from Here - All Versions

RSDLite Download Links - All Versions

RSDLite is a small but mighty utility tool for flashing Motorola devices. Using RSDLite, you can load and flash stock firmware on your Motorola android devicces so long as you have supported Motorola firmware for your device.
RSDLite supports sbf,mbn and xml file formats and by this, you can flash any Motorola stock ROM compiled in any of the listed file formats to your Motorola devices using RSDLite.

RSDLite remains the property of Motorola Mobility LLC therefore, all rights, references, recommendations or commendations should be directed to whom it is dued and deserved.

For detailed step by step instructions on how to use RSDLite, see: How to Flash and Unbrick Motorola Devices Using RSDLite

RSDLite Download Links

RSDLite 6.4.2 Download Link
RSDLite 4.8 Download Link
RSDLite 4.9 Download Link
RSDLite 5.0 Download Link
RSDLite 5.3.1 Download Link
RSDLite 5.6 Download Link
RSDLite 5.6.4 Download Link
RSDLite 5.7 Download Link - the latest

How to Install RSDLite On your Windows PC

1. Download RSDLite from any of the downloads links given above (the latest is recommended) and extract it on a folder on your PC.
2. Lunch the RSDLite Miscrosoft Windows Installer Package (.msi) contained in that extracted folder by double clicking it. In my case, it is RSDLite 5.7.msi

RSDLite Installation step 2
3. On the box that opens next, click Run and clcik Next on the page that follows.
RSDLite Installation Step 3
RSDLite Installation Step 3b
4. Agree to the terms and click Next a couple of times more until the installation begins.
RSDLite Installtion Step 4
RSDLite Installation Step 4B
RSDLite Installation Step 4C
5. When the message "RSDLite has been successfully installed... appears, click close to exit the window.
RSDLite Installation Step 5

By that, you have come to the conclusion of RSDLite installation on your PC.


  1. thanks for helping people but i have motorola g4 plus dead boot after june update and l try some of the blankflash to unbrick it but i get an error says msm8952 unkown.can you help me

    1. Please report this case on our facebook page at