M-Tech A6 Stock ROM Firmware (Flash File)

M-Tech A6 Stock ROM Firmware Flash File

When you talk of M-Tech A6 stock ROM firmware, you either need to download or flash stock ROM on your M-Tech A6 to correct certain software malfunctions or upgrade the phone. In worst case scenarios, you might need to unbrick your M-Tech A6.

Well, here, I give you a stock ROM firmware for your M-Tech A6 and also give you step by step instructions on how to flash, unbrick or upgarde your M-Tech A6. So, pick one!

M-Tech A6 Stock ROM Firmware Download Link(s)

1. M-Tech A6 Stock ROM (SW 15-10-2014 V011 AS)
2. M-Tech A6 Stock ROM (SW 18-08-2014 V008 AS)

How to Flash or Upgrade M-Tech A6 Firmware

1. Download your M-Tech A6 Stock ROM from the link above.

2. Extract your M-Tech A6 firmware on your PC.

3. Depending on the tool(s) you choose, you may have to download your M-Tech A6 firmware from either of the links attached above here.

4. Now, choose either of the tools listed below here. Either of the tools can download and flash stock firmware on your M-Tech A6. I recommend that you check all of them to determine which is more convenient for you and more suitable to upgrade or flash your M-Tech A6.


1. Each of the tools listed above contained step by step guides with illustrated pictures on how to flash stock firmware on your M-Tech A6.

2. If you require any further assistance, simply drop your comment detailing the issue(s) and I shall help you revive your M-Tech A6 , if need be.

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