Moto X Force Unbrick Solutions: Step By Step Guides

Moto X Force Unbrick Debrick Solutions

For all Hard bricked Moto X Force devices stock at HS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008 and other similar Qualcomm android devices brick mode, here I explain the step by step guides on how to unbrick your Moto X Force and recover the Moto X Force from either of the Qualcomm hard brick mode.

    Blankflash: Method 1
  • This method uses the Blankflash files to kick your Moto X Force out of the QDLoader 9008 mode so that the device could boot to boot Loader and be detected in fastboot mode.
  • From the feedbacks received so far, Moto X Force devices with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop installed has highest success rate. Only few 6.X.X devices succeeded.
  • An update that supports 6.X.X and 7.X.X Moto X Force devices is expected to arrive by Now Available!.
  • Loader File: Method 2
  • This method should now work with all Moto X Force devices.

  • Having a working Moto X Force or anyone who has? Reach us via Telegram at Tellaryktech. - you will just run some codes on the device and send us the output screenshot. That simple! This will help us make as many as possible Moto X Force unbrickable!
    In the event that a necessary update is required, no specific time can be guaranteed for the update arrival. This project files are the result of many researches, time and collective efforts from devs and maintainers - these definitely require time!
    If you run or operate a phone repair shop, it is recommended that you subscribe to the PSR Suite Lab so that you may have access to all phones unbrick project folders available in the PSR Suite Lab once and for all.

This Moto X Force unbrick solution is similar to the solutions provided for the Moto Z Play, Moto G5 Plus and Moto G4 Plus only that the files given here are specific for the Moto X Force only.

Required Files (Downloads / Items)
File Download Link(s) Description
Motorola Device Manager SKIP this if installed already. Motorola Device Manager is the official service and support tool for Motorola devices especially designed for the more recent phones.
Qualcomm HS-USB Driver This driver, when installed, enables your PC communicate with your Moto X Force hence helps identify the device correctly.
Moto X Force Latest Stock Firmware These are the stock (official) firmware for Moto X Force. The firmware is required to flash and restore your Moto X Force to factory defaults.
Moto X Force Blank Flash This file is specifically modded to work with Moto X Force. When launched, this tool will detect your Moto X Force in Qualcomm HS-USB DLoader 9008 mode (if connected to the PC) install latest bootloader and kick it out of QHS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008 or whichever related brick mode it may be.
DiskImageRev2 DiskImageRev2 is the utility tool that will be used to flash the loader.img file on your SD Card and this in turn, will make it possible to boot your Moto X Force from the SD Card.
Moto X Force Loader.img This turns your SD Card to a bootable partition that can be mounted by your device so that RSDLite or similar tool can detect your device and flash official stock firmware on it.
Your SD Card For Moto X Force, either 8 GB or 16 GB SD Card should be fine. - the later is recommended.

How to Unbrick Moto X Force - Method 1

1. Download Motorola Device Manager from the table above and install it on your PC.
2. Download HS-USB Driver from the table above and install it on your PC.
3. Download the appropriate Moto X Force firmware from the table above.
4. Now, extract or unpack the Moto X Force stock official firmware you just downloaded from the step 3 just above here.
5. Connect your Moto X Force to the PC and hold on while the drivers are being installed.
If the drivers installation is successful, proceed.
If no sign of drivers installation is seen or noticed go to:

    Windows Device Manager >> COM Ports...
And expand it. If your device is listed as HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008 or any other, proceed. But if it is listed as QHS-USB Bulk, do this:
  • Disconnect your device from the PC.
  • Uninstall the drivers.
  • Restart your PC.
  • And re-install the HS-USB DLoad Drivers again.
  • Connect your Moto X Force to the PC again.
Now, check Windows Device Manager, your device should be listed as either HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008.
6. Download, extract / unpack the Moto X Force Blank Flash file onto a folder on your PC.
7. Open the Moto X Force Blank Flash folder and Double-click the blank-flash.bat.
A Command Prompt window will open and that should detect your Moto X Force connected.
8. Wait patiently while the flashing is being done until it completes.
9. Your device should now reboot to bootloader. If it does not, boot it to bootloader using the key combo.
10. Now, download Moto X Force Ported Bootloader archive file from the table above and extract it onto a folder on your PC.
11. Open the Moto X Force Ported Bootloader folder and then Open Command Prompt in that folder.
    To do this;
  • Press and hold the Shift Key then Right-click on your PC.
  • From the Options, select Open Command Prompt here
12. In Command Promt window, type;
[ fastboot devices]
Your device should be listed. This is to confirm that the PC can now see your Moto X Force in fastboot mode / bootloader mode.
13. Now, flash the Moto X Force bootloader.img and gpt.bin files contained in the folder on your Moto X Force by typing the lines below one after another in the Command Prompt window;
[ fastboot flash partition gpt.bin fastboot flash bootloader bootloader.img fastboot reboot-bootloader]
14. Now, go to the Moto X Force firmware folder and open Command Prompt in the folder. To do this;
    In that folder press and hold the Shift key then Right-click. From the options, choose Open Command Prompt Here
15. On Command Prompt, type the following codes / command line one after another until it is complete.
[ fastboot flash logo logo.bin fastboot flash boot boot.img fastboot flash recovery recovery.img fastboot flash dsp adspso.bin fastboot flash oem oem.img fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.0 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.1 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.2 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.3 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.4 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.5 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.6 fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.7 fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin fastboot erase modemst1 fastboot erase modemst2 fastboot flash fsg fsg.mbn fastboot erase cache fastboot erase userdata fastboot erase customize fastboot erase clogo fastboot oem lock fastboot reboot]

16. Congratulations! You just unbrick your Moto X Force from HS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoad 9008, QHS-USB DLoad 9008 or whichever Qualcomm brick state it was.

1. If you are using mfastboot, replace fastboot in the commands above with mfastboot.
2. Depending on the firmware you downloaded, you may have less or more fastboot flash system system.img_sparsechunk.5 commands to execute in the folder. All you have to do is change the figure accordingly.

How to Unbrick Moto X Force - Method 2

This second method to unbrick Moto X Force employs the use of Moto X Force ROM Dump also known as full blk0 backup file.
This file, saved as Moto X Force Loader.img file can be flashed on an SD Card and used to revive your hard bricked Moto X Force.

The Does and Does Not of this Method
The Does The Does Not
With the correct Moto X Force Loader.img file, you will be able to access your Moto X Force recovery partition again. The Moto X Force Loader.img file ONLY boots your device to bootloader / recovery mode and not the OS.
This method aid your Moto X Force unbrick solutions. It's not the do-it-all. This Moto X Force Loader.img file will not boot your device to OS. You need full firmware to do that.
This Loader.img file only loads Motorolla Stock Recovery partition on your device. This Loader.img file does not currently load custom recovery such as TWRP on your Moto X Force therefore, only Stock Firmware can be restored to using the method described here.
The SD Card (used) helps boot the device into receovery mode ONLY. You cannot use the same SD Card with the device except you format it. You can use Mini Tool to Partition or format the SD Card for re-use.

Troubleshoot! Having Issues Using this Method? See Below:
Issue(s) Solution(s)
RSDLite, Motorola Device Manager successfully restored my device but my Moto X Force still boots to recovery. What can I do? Before you boot up the phone or while the phone boots up, make sure you remove the SD Card from the phone.
The PC no longer see my Moto X Force in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader mode. What's wrong? Until the SD Card is in your phone, PC will continue to seeing the phone as functioning properly but only with flat battery.
My Moto X Force is stuck at boot logo instead of booting to recovery. What can I do? Try another SD Card. You must use a first class (Class 10) grade one SD Card that's really fast.
My Moto X Force is in recovery mode but Motorola Device Manager / RSDLite does not detect it. Is something wrong? Yes. Something is wrong. Check your USB Cord, USB Port or make sure that your drivers are properly installed. With each instance, you can try with another device to confirm.
Have other questions? Good! Drop your comment. I shall attend the question(s) and also include it in the list table.

How to Create Bootable SD Card with Moto X Force Loader.img File On your PC

1. First, format your SD Card. exFAT is preferred.
2. Download and extract DiskImageRev2 onto a folder on your PC then, open it. See the first table for the download link.
3. Slot your SD Card in a card reader and connect it to your PC.
4. Launch DiskImageRev2 on your PC - as Admin preferrably.
5. On launch, DiskImageRev2 should detect and display the drive where your SD Card is connected. If otherwise, browse to select the drive.
6. From DiskImageRev2, browse to the folder where you saved / copied the Moto X Force Loader.img file on your PC and select it.
7. Now, click Write and wait until DiskImageRev2 completes the process.

    Once DiskImageRev2 has successfully written the files on the SD Card, your SD Card is now bootable! You may now insert it on your Moto X Force and boot the device using its bootloader key combo.

Having issues to solve or questions to ask? Please, explain in detailed in the comment box below.


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    1. Siga as instruções de forma estrita e verifique se os drivers estão instalados em conformidade. Até então, o seu dispositivo não será reconhecido pelo PC.

  7. While waiting to receive files, I had to do more research, because I couldn't get any of 3 PCs i tried to recognize Phone as "HS-USB QDLoad 9008"... after I came across someone else with a different device having the same problem.

    If your PC doesn't recognize device after installing all drivers, hold the POWER button for 1 - 3 MINUTES and then plug it in with a USB cable. This worked for me.

    Thank you

    1. Yeah, I can say the procedure works. I also got unknown device detected while having the drivers installed. After some tries I understood is needed to power up before plug it to PC. Still waiting to receive the files...

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  9. An update that supports 6.X.X and 7.X.X Moto X Force devices is expected to arrive by Nov 21, 2017.

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    2. He had logged the issues and are being attended already. Please tag with this project page for the updates.

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    1. It does work. Only that it is variant specific. You can confirm from the Moto Z Play, X Pure or X Style and other Moto devices users who have used ArykTECH loader files.

  16. I've got Moto X Force XT1581 with 64gb and it doesn't work.
    Android 7 --> BootLoader Unlocked --> Downgrade to Android 5.1 --> OTA to Android 7 --> Bricked
    I'll pay for Blankflash or Loader, but if you confirm that this will definitely help my XT1581.
    By feedback on the forum Blankflash does not help much.

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