LG G4 Unbrick Solutions: G4-H810 Specific Guides

LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guides

This guide is composed to make unbricking your hardbricked LG G4-H810 very easy.
Your LG G4-H810 is hardbricked if it is currently stuck at HS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008 and the likes.

I am inspired to compose this post following responses and feedback received from those who have subscribed to the LG G4-H810 Unbrick Project Folder from here.
Many were able to unbrick their bricked G4-H810 while a few could not until I personally put them through one-on-one via Telegram.

Already, we have discussed general solutions for unbricking all LG G4 variants from here: How to Unbricked Hardbricked LG G4 In HS-USB QDLoader Mode
On this page, because LG G4-H810 seems more stubborn, I will be using it's specific unbrick files contained in the G4-H810 unbrick project folder to illustrate this tutorial.

How to Unbrick LG G4-H810: QPST QFIL Method

1. Download the contents of the QFIL Folder from the LG G4-H810 Unbrick Project Folder and Extract them onto a folder on your PC. You may gain access to the G4-H810 Unbrick Project Folder from here.

LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guide -Step 1
2. Download HS-USB QDLoader Drivers here and install it on your PC.
3. Open the LG G4-H810 QFIL Complementary Files folder on your PC.
LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guide -Step 3
4. Launch/Open QFIL on your PC. You may download latest QPST from here if not installed on your PC yet.
LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guides -Step 4
5. Loose open your G4-H810 so that you reveal/access the board and connect the points seen in the image below using a copper wire. See the red connectors in the image below.
LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guide -Step 5
Click Image for Clearer View
    This is done to make sure QFIL is able to connect and download firmware on your LG G4-H810 seen in HS-USB DLoader 9008 mode from Windows device manager. Though, it maybe already in that mode, QFIL will most likely fail to download the firmware still unless the PINs are short-circuited.
6. Once the PINs are short, connect your LG G4-H810 to the PC using its compatible USB Cable. You should hear connection sound from the PC. Once that's hard, remove the PINs
7. Now, on QFIL, choose Flat Build and for programmer choose prog_emmc_firehose_8992_lite.mbn in the QFIL Complementary Files folder you opened in Step 3 above.
LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guides -Step 7
8. Click Load XML and choose rawprogam0.xml and patch0.xml both in the QFIL Complementary Files folder.

LG G4-H810 Unbrick Guides -Step 8
9. Finally, click Download. QFIL should successfully download the files on your LG G4-H810.
10. Once the download is complete, charge your device a bit more. Or, if it has enough current to boot, just boot the device to download mode using LG usual download mode combo and use LGUP to load full firmware on your LG G4-H810.

Congratulations! You have just unbricked your LG G4-H810 using the QFIL download method.

How to Unbrick LG G4-H810: Loader Method

This second method to unbrick G4-H810 employs the use of G4-H810 ROM Dump also known as full blk0 backup file.
This file, saved as G4-H810 Loader.img file can be flashed on an SD Card and used to revive your hard bricked G4-H810.

The Does and Does Not of this Method
The Does The Does Not
With the correct G4-H810 Loader.img file, you will be able to access your G4-H810 recovery partition again. The G4-H810 Loader.img file ONLY boots your device to bootloader / recovery mode and not the OS.
This method aid your G4-H810 unbrick solutions. It's not the do-it-all. This G4-H810 Loader.img file will not boot your device to OS. You need full firmware to do that.
This Loader.img file only loads LG Stock Recovery partition on your device. This Loader.img file does not currently load custom recovery such as TWRP on your G4-H810 therefore, only Stock Firmware can be restored to using the method described here.
The SD Card (used) helps boot the device into receovery mode ONLY. You cannot use the same SD Card with the device except you format it. You can use Mini Tool to Partition or format the SD Card for re-use.

Troubleshoot! Having Issues Using this Method? See Below:
Issue(s) Solution(s)
LGUP, LG Device Manager successfully restored my device but my G4-H810 still boots to recovery. What can I do? Before you boot up the phone or while the phone boots up, make sure you remove the SD Card from the phone.
The PC no longer see my G4-H810 in Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader mode. What's wrong? Until the SD Card is in your phone, PC will continue to seeing the phone as functioning properly but only with flat battery.
My G4-H810 is stuck at boot logo instead of booting to recovery. What can I do? Try another SD Card. You must use a first class (Class 10) grade one SD Card that's really fast.
My G4-H810 is in recovery mode but LG Device Manager / LGUP does not detect it. Is something wrong? Yes. Something is wrong. Check your USB Cord, USB Port or make sure that your drivers are properly installed. With each instance, you can try with another device to confirm.
Have other questions? Good! Drop your comment. I shall attend the question(s) and also include it in the list table.

How to Create Bootable SD Card with G4-H810 Loader.img File On your PC

1. First, format your SD Card. exFAT is preferred.
2. Download and extract DiskImageRev2 onto a folder on your PC then, open it. See the first table for the download link.
3. Slot your SD Card in a card reader and connect it to your PC.
4. Launch DiskImageRev2 on your PC - as Admin preferrably.
5. On launch, DiskImageRev2 should detect and display the drive where your SD Card is connected. If otherwise, browse to select the drive.
6. From DiskImageRev2, browse to the folder where you saved / copied the G4-H810 Loader.img file on your PC and select it.
7. Now, click Write and wait until DiskImageRev2 completes the process.

    Once DiskImageRev2 has successfully written the files on the SD Card, your SD Card is now bootable! You may now insert it on your G4-H810 and boot the device using its bootloader key combo.

The Loader method requires a full ROM Dump also known as a full blk0 backup of a working G4-H810 correctly/rightly flashed or written on a pretty good and fast class 10 SD Card.

The logic behind this method is that, as already demonstrated on G4-H810 Play, most Qualcomm devices can boot from SD Card formatted using the right system files written in the right order.

We will therefore attempt to extract G4-H810 loader.bin or loader.img file and flash it on an SD Card so that, when slotted on a G4-H810, the device could identify it as the eMMC and boot from there.

This method only takes your device to recovery or fastboot mode wherein you can use official software programs to flash the device.

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