LG V10 Hardbricked Unbrick Solution: Working QFIL Method

LG V10

Certainly, this tutorial is for all LG V10 stucked at HS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoader, HS-USB DLoader 9008 however, it specifically discusses how to use the QFIL Files contained in the LG V10 Unbrick Folder to unbrick any hardbricked LG V10 using QPST QFIL.

So, if you had had troubles at unbricking (debrick) your LG V10 using QFIL method, this tutorial is for you. Solving all the QFIL sahra fail errors including Download Fail: Sahara Fail: QSaharaServer Fail: Process Fail and other errors.

NOTE: It maybe necessary to apply LG V10 test point (short the pins) so that QFIL is able to detect your LG V10 in HS-USB DLoader 9008 and download firmware on it. See here: How to Apply LG V10 Test Point

How to Unbrick Hardbricked LG V10: QFIL Method

1. Download the content of the QFIL Folder from the LG V10 Unbrick Project Folder and extract them onto a folder on your PC. You may gain access to the LG V10 Unbrick Project Folder from here.
2. Download HS-USB QDLoader Drivers here and install it on your PC.
3. Download the stock KDZ Firmware specific for your LG V10. You may download LG Stock KDZ Firmware from here.
4. Extract the KDZ Firmware using the tutorial here.
5. Open the extracted KDZ firmware folder for the device on your PC.
6. Open the LG V10 QFIL Complementary Files folder (found in QFIL Folder downloaded in Step 1 above) and copy its content into the extracted KDZ Firmware folder in the Step 5 above.
7. Launch/Open QFIL on your PC. You may download latest QPST from here and install it if not installed on your PC yet.
8. Apply the LG V10 Test point here. See LG V10 Test Point Technique for instructions.
9. Now, on QFIL, choose Flat Build and for programmer choose programmer.mbn in the extracted KDZ Firmware folder you opened in Step 5 above.
10. Click Load XML and choose rawprogam0.xml. Click Cancel when prompted for patch0.xml.
11. Finally, click Download. QFIL should successfully download the files on your LG V10.

Your LG V10 should now reboot and you can complete the setup from the device screen. Congratulations! You just unbricked your hardbricked LG V10.

How to Apply LG V10 Test Point

When a Qualcomm Android device enters either HS-USB Bulk, HS-USB QDLoader or HS-USB DLoader 9008, it is usually difficult to flash the device using QFIL and other similar Qualcomm service tools hence making recovering the device extremely difficult.
However, using the Test Point technique, we can make it easier for QFIL and other similar Qualcomm service tools to flash such device by shorting the pins, that will trigger your LG V10 into proper and responsive HS-USB DLoader 9008 mode.

Shorting LG V10 Pins: Test Point:
1. Loose open your LG V10 to reveal the board.
2. Locate the LG V10 GND point.
3. Using a copper wire, connect this point to the GND.

LG V10 Unbrick Test Point
4. While the points still connected to the GND, connect your LG V10 to the PC using its compatible USB Cable.
5. When you hear a connection sound from the PC, remove the coper wire. Check Windows Device Manager to the HS-USB DLoader 9008 displayed.

You may then proceed with flashing your LG V10. Our aim is now achieved.

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  1. Mine already showing 9008 mode buh still getting error...do I need to still do the test point pins thing pls? Thanks

    1. If loading the firmware straight doesn't work, apply the test point method.

  2. Could someone please elaborate the actual shorting technique? Connect those two tiny points together with a piece of copper wire? I know someone who permanently bricked his phone while doing this. Thanks!

    1. You may throw your question in our facebook page or via twitter. Thank you.

  3. I don't see a lot of comments about success with this method, so here I go:
    I was able to unbrick my H960A with this method. I didn't have to rename the bin files to img files, but I had to rename a few like aboot_216064.bin to aboot.bin for it to work. It was a trial and error when trying this with QFIL, at the end of the log it says which file is missing, or rather needs to be renamed. I had to reconnect my phone each time I tried QFIL since after one try it just said that it can't write to the header (or something). So yeah, a little bit of work was involved, but it works.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. Please, do try to comment not as unknown as often as possible. Thank you.

  4. Can you provide unbrick solution for V20? Thanks a lot!

    1. Certainly. Yes. We already have LG V20 variants unbrick files in our archive.

  5. Can this be done at home is it that simple?

  6. Okay so once copper points are connected we can connect the board to pc without being in assembly ? And without battery? Also copper should be soldered or just connected? Can this be achieved at home?