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How to Identify HTC Android Devices CID Number

Identify HTC CID Number

In HTC Android devices world, CID Num is the unique code designated for each carrier in each country for identification purposes. The CID num is often used to identify for which carrier and country a particular HTC Android device is originally designed for. See here: Full List of All HTC Devices CID Number

    All HTC devices designed for Orange (Network, Carrier) in France has CID Num ORANG202 while all HTC devices designed for the same Orange network in the UK carries the CID Num ORANG001.

How to Identify An HTC Device CID Num

There are basically 3 possible ways to identify an HTC device CID Num of which from these 3 options, only one is more reliable.
In the paragraphs that follow, we illustrate and explore the means to identify HTC devices CID Num one after another.

Identify HTC CID Number Using Command Prompt

1. Download Stripped ADB and Fastboot Tools and extract its content onto a folder on your PC.

2. Download and install HTC ADB and Fastboot drivers from here !important.

3. Boot your HTC device to bootloader mode. To do this; power off or remove battery from it then, press and hold the Power + Volume Down buttons together for few seconds or until the screen shows up. Release both keys and tap the Power button once.
You are now in Bootloader mode!.

4. Now open Stripped ADB and Fastboot Tools folder (step 1 above) and launch Command Prompt from there. To do this: while in the Stripped ADB and Fastboot Tools folder, press and hold the Shift + Right-click keys, then select Open command prompt here from the options that appear.

5. Connect the HTC device to the PC using its compatible USB Cable. Hold on few seconds while Windows identifies and installs the required drivers on the PC.

6. Now, go to the Command Prompt window (step 4 above) and type;

[fastboot devices]

- this checks for and list devices connected to the PC in fastboot mode.
Then, type:
[fastboot getvar cid]

- this displays the CID Number of the HTC device.

NOTE: to execute the commands, you must press the enter key after every commandline.

Identify HTC CID Number from the HBoot Screen

In HTC Android devices, HBoot is the gateway to the Bootloader. More often than not, the HBoot contains certain HTC Device info and that also includes the CID Number.
You can see from the screen below:

Identify HTC CID Number via HBoot Screen

NOTE: not all HTC devices display the CID Number in the HBoot screen.

Identify HTC Android CID Number Using Shell Command

You can also check and identify any HTC Android device CID Number via SHELL commands. Shell or ADB Shell is a unix environment that receives, processes and executes commands within Android devices.

To identify HTC Android device CID Number via shell commands;

1. Download Terminal Emulator from here. You may skip this if you already have it installed.

2. Root the HTC device if not rooted already.

3. Launch Terminal Emmulator application on the device and type;

[adb shell]

- this takes you to the shell folder.

- this grants you (the Terminal app) root privileges. If the device prompts for root access, allow it.
[getprop ro.cid]

- this displays the CID Number of the device.

NOTE: after every command issued, tap the enter key.

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