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How to Use Android Internal ROM Storage As SD Card

In Android devices, the ROM storage is primarily used by applications for storing files and other data alike. Meanwhile, the same ROM storage can also be used temporarily instead of an SD Card or an inbuilt storage of any Android device.
This trick could come very handy when you need to flash an Android ROM (custom ROM) or install any ZIP files on your Android device.

In the paragraphs that follow, I shall explain to you, how to apply this trick to successfully flash custom ROM or any ZIP file on your Android device.

To Use Android Internal Storage As SD Card for Flashing ROM

1. Be sure you have met these requirments:

    a. Have custom recovery installed on the device.
    b. Install the Android (ADB) Drivers for the device you wish to use on your PC.
    c. Have ADB Tools setup on your PC. You could use Stripped ADB Tools
    d. Your device compatible USB Cable should be ready.

2. Now, once you have met all the conditions listed in the step one above, boot your Android device to the recovery mode. For any HTC device, ensure that you have turned off the fastboot option.

3. Coneect your phone to the PC using its compatible USB Cable and hold for few seconds while the PC detects and installs the necessary drivers.

4. Go to the ABD Tools folder. If you're using Stripped ADB Tools; this should be its folder and then, open Command Prompt in that folder.
To do this;

    While in the Stripped ADB and Fastboot Tools folder, press and hold the Shift + Right-click keys, then select Open command prompt here from the options that appear.

5. From the command prompt window type;

[ adb devices adb shell adb mount data]

NOTE: Press enter key after each command.

6. Still on the Command Prompt window, press ctrl+c on your PC keyboard.

7. Now, move the files you wish to flash onto the phone (such as the custom ROM, GApps among others) to the ADB Tools folder. If you're using Stripped ABD Tools, those files should be moved there.

8. Now, push the files to the device by typing;

[ adb push /data/]

E.g adb push /data/ and press the enter key.

9. Now, reboot the recovery mode by typing;

[ adb reboot recovery]

You may also reboot to bootloader by typing adb reboot bootloader and go to recovery from there.

10. Once in recovery again, type;

[ adb shell mount data /mount /data /sdcard]

NOTE: enter the commands one after another and press the enter key after each command.

11. Now, on your phone, within the recovery options, navigate to " Install zip from sdcard " to choose and flash whichever zip file you have moved on the phone.

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