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LG X Power LS755 Firmware (.tot) File - Tested

LG .tot Firmware

I have on this page LG X Power LS755 firmware useful for unbricking LG X Power LS755 using LG Flash Tools v1.8 by flashing this LG LS755 .tot firmware on the device.

Before you proceed to downloading this LG X Power LS755 .tot firmware, see the table below for the firmware details and then, see the instructional tutorial that detailed how to flash this firmware on your LG LS755.

LG X Power LS755 Firmware Details
Device Name: LG X Power LS755
Firmware Type .tot firmware
Use with: LG FlashTools v1.8 (or later) | How to Flash this Firmware
Firmware Price $10.99 USD | Get this firmware here
Firmware Tested? Yes. Working
Content (.tot) Firmware, Compatible .dll file

How to Unbrick LG LS755 Using this Firmware

1. Get the LG X Power LS755 firmware from here.

2. Extract the firmware onto a folder on your PC.

3. Download everything from the downloads list then, proceed to the tutorial here.

a. LG FlashTools_1.8.1.1023
b. LG Drivers or LG Drivers - All - I recommend you download and install both.
c. Megalock DLL File

Unbrick LG X Power LS755 Using (.tot) Firmware Via LG FlashTools

1. Install LG Drivers on your PC. - this is optional if you already have it installed.

2. Install LG FlashTool on the PC but DO NOT RUN/LAUNCH it yet.

3. Copy the MegaLock.dll file you downloaded from the list above to the (Local Disk)c:\LG\LGFlashtool and replace the old one with the one you downloaded. NOTE: if the folder is not found or invisible, Enable "hidden folders" on your PC.

4. Power off your device. You can as well pull out the battery and insert it again.

5. Press and hold the Volume Up key and insert the USB Cable to your phone. Following a brief drivers installations by Windows, you should see "Firmware Update/Download Mode" on your screen. - your phone is now in download mode.

6. Go to Device Manager on your PC. a. Click on ports and from there, double click LGEModem. b. Go to Port Settings tab and from there, click Advanced. c. From there, change COM Port to COM41 and click Okay. d. Finally, you may need to reboot your phone to download mode again following the same method earlier narrated.

7. Now, you can launch LG FlashTool as Admin.

8. Select Manual Mode from the top.

9. Click the DLL Box and choose the DLL file contained in the LG X Power LS755 .tot firmware you extracted onto a folder on your PC.

10. Click the S/W box and select the LG X Power LS755 .tot firmware file contained in the same folder as the DLL from the step 9 above.

11. Now, click the Yellow Arrow Button at the top left.

12. You can now relax while the LG X Power LS755 firmware is being flashed on your device. NOTE: if flashing does not start after clicking the arrow, unplug and replug your phone from the PC.

Please, give feedback via comment box below or contact us here for one-on-one guides and troubleshoots.

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