How to Flash iTel Feature (Basic) Phones

By the end of this tutorial, you should learn how to flash stock firmware on iTel basic phones which are also known as iTel feature phones.

In this tutorial, we are going to be making use of SPD Upgrade Tool hence all illustrations given are perfect for using SPD Upgrade Tool to flashing iTel basic phones.

What is Flashing?

Flashing, in mobile phone software repairs, is the process of loading stock firmware files on the phone either via the recovery or by means of a computer software / tool such that the firmware files being loaded erases and or replaces the existing files on the phone.

In most cases, flashing resets and restores the phone to its factory default settings and wipes out every existing files and or data on the device.

When Can You Flash An iTel Basic Phone?

There are a number of reasons for which you may need to flash an iTel basic phone which are also known as feature phones. Below here, I enlist a few reasons why you might need to.

1. If you have forgotten the password or passcode to unlock the phone.

2. If the phone does not boot pass the welcome screen.

3. When the phone is stuck at boot screen.

4. If the phone reboots incessantly.

5. White screen displays that is not connected to the phone's screen (hardware) issues can be corrected by flashing the phone.

Flashing can correct virtually all iTel Basic phones malfunctions therefore; if you notice any malfunctions other than the ones listed above in the phone, you may attempt flashing.

What is Stock Firmware?

Stock firmware are the officially released files containing all the partitions of a particular phone whereas, in this case, we refer to iTel basic phones. Stock firmware contains files and code needed to boot the device up and run its designed system on it.
Stock firmware also contains the GUI (graphical user interface), required and useful applications, support files for those applications along with all other files required to run the OS on the device.

What are iTel Basic (Feature) Phones?

iTel Basic phones are those iTel phones with very limited capabilities. Most iTel Basic phone does not have (or, have) very limited browsing capabilities.
Examples of iTel Basic phones are iTel it5020, iTel it2180, iTel it5613 and the likes of them.

How to Flash iTel Feature (Basic) Phone

1. Download your device specific firmware and extract it onto a folder on your PC. You may download iTel stock firmware here.

2. Download SPD Android drivers from here and install it on your PC.

3. Now, download SPD Upgrade Tool from here. The file is packed in a zip file. Simply extract its content onto a folder on your PC.

4. Open the SPD Upgrade Tool folder you extracted from the step 4 above. Locate UpgradeDownload.exe and double-click to launch it.

flash iTel Feature Phonen Step 4

5. Switch off your iTel android device and then, connect it to your PC.

6. Now, select the specific STOCK FIRMWARE you downloaded for your iTel android device by clicking on the Select Pac icon. See the image below.

flash iTel Feature Phonen Step 6

7. Once the file is loaded successfully, click on "Download Button" to commence the flashing operation.

flash iTel Feature Phonen Step 7

During the flashing operation, your phone may reboot once or twice. Just leave it and do not interrupt the operation.

8. Once the flashing operation is successfully completed, you will see "Previous Passed" message displayed in green on the SpreadTRUM Flash Tool.

flash iTel Feature Phonen Step 8

9. CONGRATULATIONS! You have just successfully flashed your iTel basic phone.

Possible Issues and Solutions

So far, no issues have been reported from this method of flashing iTel basic phones. However, if you have issues at flashing your iTel device using this method or any issues arise aftermath, let us know in your comment and we shall *proffer you solutions asap.