LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Solutions: Tutorials

LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick QFIL Firmware

This is an Unbrick Project page for LG G Stylo H542 devices. Using the files provided here and the tutorials, you should be able to unbrick either your soft bricked or hard bricked LG G Stylo H542.

This LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Project is maintained by ArykTECH - thanks to our sponsor(s)

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Project Sections
Project Intro Project Files Access
Solutions: QFIL Method Solutions: Loader Method

Intro to LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Solutions

For those looking to unbrick / debrick their LG G Stylo H542 that has being lying dead, useless for days, you may now unbrick your device following the detailed instructions provided on this page - of course, you need to download the LG G Stylo H542 specific unbrick files which include the LG G Stylo H542 QFIL firmware containing rawprogram0.xml and firehose files specific for LG G Stylo device.

Although we have put to table, the LG G Stylo H542 debrick / unbrick solutions, to gain access to this device unbrick project folders and download the files necessary to recover and unbrick your H542, you need to subscribe to this unbrick project. You can Subscribe Here

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  • Project Info
    Targeted Device(s): LG G Stylo H542 Variants
    Initial Sponsor(s) George, U_John
    Devs/Maintainer(s) U_John (john@devs.aryk.store), Arewa (arewa@devs.aryk.store)
    Project Status Ready. Working
    Project Progress We have:
  • LG H542 QFIL Firmware Ready
  • Complete LG G Stylo H542 rawprogram0.xml file added
  • Compatible LG G Stylo firehose file added
  • Loader image extracted and uploaded
  • Device test-point discovered
  • Tesp-point tested, confirmed working
  • Method(s) Deployed:
  • QFIL Method
  • Loader Method

  • This LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Solutions Can Recover Devices that Are:

    1. LG G Stylo that's stuck at HS-USB QDLoader 9008.

    2. Those with Blank screen and in emergency diag mode.

    3. Those LG G Stylo with verification failure issues.

    4. Some LG G Stylo that hangs booting or ends up in incessant reboots.

    5. LG G Stylo H542 boot Certification Verify errors.

    How to Unbrick (Debrick) LG G Stylo H542

    On this page, we give you instructional tutorials for methods deployed, that which include the QFIL and Loader methods of unbricking LG G Stylo H542.
    In the paragraphs that follow below here, we explain how to unbrick your LG G Stylo H542 device using either QFIL or the Loader method.

    How to Unbrick (Debrick) LG G Stylo H542 Using QFIL QPST

    1. Download the contents of the QFIL Folder from the LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Project Folder and Extract them onto a folder on your PC.

    2. Download HS-USB QDLoader Drivers here and install it on your PC.

    3. Open the LG G Stylo H542 QFIL Files folder on your PC to view its content.

    4. Launch (Open) QFIL on your PC. You may download latest QPST from here if not installed on your PC yet.

    5. Now, on QFIL, choose Flat Build and for programmer choose the firehose file seen in the QFIL Files folder you opened in Step 3 above.

    6. Click Load XML and choose G Stylo H542 rawprogam0.xml and patch0.xml files both in the QFIL Files folder in which the Firehose file is located.

    7. Finally, click Download. QFIL should successfully download the files on your LG G Stylo H542.
    Once QFIL has successfully downloaded the files, your LG G Stylo H542 should reboot automatically. Note that first boot may take up to 15 minutes to complete!

    If you have any issue using QFIL, contact us here - project subscribers only!

    How to Unbrick (Debrick) LG G Stylo H542 Using Loader File / SD Card

    1. From the LG G Stylo H542 Unbrick Project Folder, download the loader file and extract it onto a folder on your PC.

    2. Now, format your SD Card. exFAT is preferred.

    3. Download DiskImageRev2 from here and extract it onto a folder on your PC then, open it.

    4. Slot your SD Card in a card reader and connect it to your PC.

    5. Launch DiskImageRev2 on your PC - as Admin preferably.

    6. On launch, DiskImageRev2 should detect and display the drive where your SD Card is connected. If otherwise, browse to select the correct drive.

    7. From DiskImageRev2, browse to the folder where you saved / copied the LG G Stylo H542 Loader.img file on your PC and select it.

    8. Now, click Write and wait until DiskImageRev2 completes the process.

    9. Once DiskImageRev2 has successfully written the files on the SD Card, your SD Card is now bootable! You may now insert it on your LG G Stylo H542 and boot the device using its bootloader key combo.

      Brief Note:

      The Loader method requires a full ROM Dump also known as a full blk0 backup of a working LG G Stylo H542 correctly flashed or written on a pretty good and fast class 10 SD Card.