Download Multi-Port Download Tool: All Versions

On this page, we contain the download links to all Multi Port Download Tools versions archive and setup files. You can download Multi Port Download Tools version(s) you desire from the list below and proceed to flashing any basic or feature Chinese phones using Multi-Port Download Tools.

What is Multi-Port Download Tool?

MultiPortDownloadTool is one of the commonest service tools for upgrading, downgrading and for flashing MTK basic or feature phones.

Other than the numerous functionalities of Multi Port Download Tools, the fact that it is very simple to use makes it one of the best service tools for basic or feature phones.

How to Setup Multi-Port Download Tool On your PC

1. Download Multi-Port Download Tool from the download links listed below. You could choose to download all or just a few.

2. Extract the downloaded file onto a folder on your PC.

3. Open the folder you extracted from the step 2 above.

4. In the folder you opened in step 3 above, scroll down until you see a file named MultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe.

5. Double-click to open the MultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe application in step 4 above.

6. Wait a while while Multi Port Download Tools application prepares to launch.

7. Succeeded! You have launched Multi Port Download Tool on your PC. You may now proceed to flashing basic or feature Chinese phones.


Depending on your PC's speed, Multi Port Download Tool may take a while before its GUI shows up on your PC screen.

How to Use Multi Port Download Tools

To keep this Multi Port Download Tool download page brief yet straight to the point, we could not discuss, at lenght, how to use Multi Port Download Tools here.

Refer to How to Flash Chinese Basic Feature Phone to see a detailed and illustrated tutorial discussing how to use Multi Port Download tool to flash Chinese basic feature phones.


If you have specific questions on how to use Multi Port Download Tools for resolving certain problems, you may ask using the comment box below.

Download Multi Port Download Tools - All Versions




The latest is from the top to down in the list above.