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How to Hard Reset (Factory Reset) Hotwav V10

hard reset

Often times, especially when you forget the pattern, password or passcode to unlock your Hotwav V10, you are left with no option but to factory reset the device. On this page, following step by step procedures, we highlight how to factory reset or hard reset your Hotwav V10 in order to bypass the lockscreen on the device.

What is Hard Reset?

Hard Reset is the process of wiping or formating your Hotwav V10 without having to access the phone settings in Android mode. To do this, you will have to boot the device to recovery so that you may access its recovery partition hence, wipe or format it from there.

To hard reset your Hotwav V10, you are required to know the specific key combo (key combinations) for booting the device to its recovery partition.

NOTE: When you hard reset your Hotwav V10, the process will wipe, format all your device data and files. Therefore, I recommend that you backup your important files before you proceed.

What is Factory Reset?

Factory Reset is the process of wiping or formating your Hotwav V10 through the phone settings options. To use this method, you must be able to access the phone in Android mode before you can perform a factory reset.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that you can only factory reset your Hotwav V10 if the device is not password locked or not inoperable.

Just like Hard Reset, factory resetting Hotwav V10 will wipe, format all the device data and files. Therefore, I recommend that you backup your important files before you proceed.

When Can you Hard Reset Hotwav V10?

1. When you have forgotten the Hotwav V10 password, passcode or pattern lock.

2. When the device becomes inoperable.

3. When you want to sell, exchange or trade off the device.

4. When you notice certain malfunctions in the Hotwav V10.

5. When your Hotwav V10 reboots incessantly.

6. If the Hotwav V10 is stuck at boot screen, does not boot pass welcome screen.

When Can You Factory Reset Hotwav V10?

1. If you want to sell, exchange or trade off the phone.

2. If you notice the phone malfunctions thus, reboots at some points or so.

How to Hard Reset Hotwav V10

1. Power Off the device either by removing the battery from the phone or by powering it off normally, whichever is possible. Just power off the device.

2. Press Volume Up button and Power Button together until the Hotwav logo appears on the device screen or the screen turns on.

3. Keep pressing both buttons until the device recovery partition boots up.

4. Now, you should see Factory Reset / Wipe option shown on the device screen.

5. Now, using both Volume buttons, navigate to the Factory Reset / Wipe option.

6. Press Power button to select the Factory Reset / Wipe option.

7. Now, you should see several NOs with a YES. Navigate to "Yes" from the options, and select it using the Power button.

8. Succeeded! You have just hard reset your Hotwav V10.

a. Use the Volume-up to navigate up.
b. Use the Volume-down to navigate down.
c. The Power button to select.

How to Factory Reset Hotwav V10

1. If your device is turned off, turn on the device.

2. Now, go to Settings, General then scroll down until you see Backup & Reset.

3. From the screen, tap Factory Data Reset and then, Reset Phone.

4. From the screen, choose Delete All if you are sure you want to proceed and clear all your phone's data.

5. Now, select Ok to confirm the whole operation.

6. Wait for some minutes or until the phone completes the operation.

6. Now, the device should restart.

7. Succeeded! You have just factory reset your Hotwav V10.

Your device may reboot a couple of times before it finally completes the factory data reset. Just let it do its job without interruptions.

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