Track Your Phone

Track and Recover your Stolen/Lost Phones...
In under 24 hours, we can track-down and recover your stolen phones. Learn more

Unlock Your Phones

We offer on-point and on-demand unlocking services covering Apple iOS, Android, Windows, Nokia and BlackBerry platforms. Learn more

Boost Your Blogs

We understand how troubling it could be to rank a blog high in search engines, make good sales, attract returning customers, win good quality traffic...
We can help.. Start here

Copy Standard Pages

For Blogspot and WordPress, we can help you build professionally looking standard static pages that will command and convert sales and audience and that, on any theme. Learn more

Get All Our Files

When you pledge certain amount on our patreon page by joining a tier, we give you live access to the files and services listed under the tier and that's for life! Learn more

Care to Help!

Your help and support are most welcome... If you would like to help our development works by sending some donations our way, we'd say thank you! Start here

Web Solutions

Blogspot, WordPress, Magento... Services Done Right!

For individuals willing to earning a living through blogging. For small businesses aiming to expand their customer base. For schools planning to enhancing learning activities and productivity and in the course; promote the school image through maximum pubication on the internet...

We have working solutions, from scratch to finish for all your web demands and needs!

We have...

nearly 150 Blogspot blogs built.
about 60 WordPress sites established.
80+ SEO works done on sites and blogs.
11 Joomla sites created.
3 sites built on Magento.
About 45 sites and blogs being managed

...all for our clients, and still counting!
For Individuals...

Make Money Blogging. Have Fun!

Either you are a celebrity, upcoming artiste, student... just about anybody that wishes to have a blog or website capable of making you money or you simply want to catch fun blogging.

We will do all the works for you, from scratch to finish so that you'll have a professionally looking and rich website/blog in the end.

Your Platform. Your Choice

Based on your budget, you may choose to use WordPress or Blogspot as your preferred CMS. You may even advance your option to HTML sites.
Whichever platform you choose, we are ready and determined to give you one of the most beautiful designs yet having the best performance in speed and overall SEO for quick ranking on Google and other search engines.

Invite Us to...

  • Helping you manage your blog or site.
  • Help you optimize your already built blogs or sites.
  • Create plugins and gadgets for enhanced productivity.
  • Analyze and implement best SEO techniques for easy ranking.
  • Outsource rich contents for your blogs and sites.
  • And so much more. You just name your needs.
For Businesses...

Capture the Market Before...

Among the many opportunities the internet offers is the ability to showcase anything to the world. Be it artistic works, teaching, trading or anything at all, you can use the day-by-day growth of the internet to your advantage.


You Can...

  • Capture new customers daily.
  • Actively engage your returning customers.
  • Receive payment from customers directly to your bank account.
  • Initiate sales and render services to customers.
  • Gather and collect customers data for marketing purposes.
  • Disseminate information to customers in one click.
  • And so much more... all within your website or blog. You just ask us what you want!
We'll help you join the race and keep up your pace through the internet so that you may capture your market audience before your competitors do.


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