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Join ArykTECH!

With a view to reach and sertisfy as many clients and customers alike as possible, we seek to partner with qualified phones servicing setups located in specific areas (countries) where ArykTECH ardent customers and clients are located. The aim of this partnership is to ensure that our clients enjoy the best of our services delivered at the shortest time possible.

Become an ArykTECH RASO...

What is ArykTECH RASO?

Remote Assistant Specialist Office (RASO) is an initiative intended to bring ArykTECH closer to our followers, customers and clients alike in all countries of the world through a link between ArykTECH and a few qualified (reputable) phones repair shops across the globe.

Through the provision of repair files and tools for every registered RASO, it is our aim to work hand-in-hand with the participating phones repair shops so that our customers, followers, clients, as maybe referred to every registered RASO; have a feeling that they are dealing with ArykTECH directly.

To Qualify As An RASO

1. You must have an office situated in any strategic location within your country of residence.

2. You must bear or have any National Identification document of your country of residence. Acceptable ID include Drivers License, National ID Card, or International Passport.

3. You must be skilled or have skilled individual(s) at phone repairs working with you.

4. You must be 18 years of age or older.

5. You must be legally permitted to work and earn in your country of resident.

Your Duties As An RASO

As a Remote Assistant Specialist Office, the duty of your office is to cater for the phones service repairs needs of followers, clients and customers alike, as may be directed to your office from ArykTECH.

Every clients directed to your office would present a printed copy of an invoice received from ArykTECH.

ArykTECH's Duty to You (Your Office)

1. ArykTECH pays you 65% of the net payment made by the client (customer) whose job is successfully serviced in your office 3 days following which the service is successfully done.

2. In the event that you (your office) lacks the files including tools to complete the job, ArykTECH provides you (your office) with the files including the tools required to complete the job. In this case, you'll receive 50% of the net payment instead of the 65%.

To Apply As An RASO

Contact Us Via Telegram


1. Payment is made via PayPal, Western Union or Moneygram.

2. A brief test shall be conducted in reatime via Telegram. The test is done to confirm that you are actually skilled at phone repairs.

3. Either of your ID cards are required for verification prior the test.